Réponse BODY - Specific Cares

This post-hair removal milk is a real moisturizing care with a light and smooth texture. Its formula allows the slowdown of the hair growth and the reduction of the hair density. Moreover, an enzyme softly eliminates dead cells and accelerates the cell renewal for a smoother skin. The skin is moisturized and soothed.

Anti-hair regrowth active ingredient 
This active ingredient, extracted from the Asiatic Fibraurea Recisa roots, is used to slow down the division of keratinocytes from the hair bulb, which is the cause of the hair growth. An other active ingredient acts in synergy with the other one for a strengthened anti-hair regrowth action. 
This active ingredient gives a deeply hydration and an anti-inflammatory effect. The skin is moisturized and soothed.

Apply in light strokes to the body following hair removal, and then morning and evening.

+58% Hydratation après 8h(1)
-41% Densité pilaire(2)
-68% Poils incarnés(3)
(1)Mesure par évolution de la capacité électrique sur 10 femmes après application unique
(2)Acquisition d’images sur 20 femmes après 2 applications par jour pendant 65 jours
(3)Scorage sur 20 femmes, 2 applications par jour pendant 65 jours


Moisturizing action
Slows down the hair growth
Accelerates the cell renewal