Matis, the french art of contrast

At the heart of the MATIS philosophy: the contemporary and the traditional in synthesis

A Parisian brand par excellence, MATIS has built its success on its French art of care, its unique personalized treatments and its institute experience.

At 71 avenue Foch in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and within its integrated laboratory, the MATIS teams develop tailor-made skincare products and protocols for a unique sensory experience. MATIS gives women what they want, offering each and every customer a treatment, a ritual, a solution.

The MATIS Center for Research & Development takes inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine and molecular and cellular biology to create specialized care. MATIS offers formulas adapted to every type of skin problem. Each “Réponse” (name of our products lines) is therefore unique and personalized, extending the effectiveness of home skincare.

Matis, extensive experience at the heart of beauty

In 1936, Doctor Mavromati, a pharmacist, created his laboratory. An expert in active ingredients and formulations, he discovered that products gained effectiveness when combined with a holistic approach to skincare. A pioneer and scientist, he knew that chemistry and science alone were not enough, as all sensory and emotional aspects needed to be combined with product action to act effectively.

It was in 1946 that Dr. Mavromati opened his first store on Rue Fontaine in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Since then, Matis has celebrated women’s beauty wholeheartedly. A guaranteed «professional beauty expert» approach, a label imbued with know-how, quality, targeted Réponses, and more…

A brand that is 100% made in france, with proven expertise

MATIS products are MADE IN FRANCE. Near Paris, within the Cosmetic Valley, the MATIS production site is a Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 22716-certified plant that spans 8,000 m2. This is where all products are developed, manufactured, packaged and shipped in France and worldwide.

The Matis plant is at the forefront of professional techniques with strict raw material controls, a constantly evolving quality charter to ensure product safety and performance, as well as a reverse osmosis-purified water circuit and a clean room manufacturing unit with 200 kg to 1 ton machines. The entire production chain is overseen in France and guaranteed «Made in France».

High-tech formulas that are greener and cleaner

The Réponses developed by the brand draw on the most innovative, often exclusive, always effective and skin- and planet-friendly active ingredients.

MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasizing on most potent active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and AHAs) as well as the most precious (such as caviar).

Textures that give pleasure reflect French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beauty therapist, they offer the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible, lasting results. Even without makeup, the skin is radiant, smoother and more resistant to signs of aging.

Matis, the solution your skin is waiting for

Because skin is the living, breathing, essential embodiment of every woman’s unique beauty and emotions, it must be treated to unwavering respect and care.


* Only in Metropolitan France.