Réponse BODY - Cares

This balm, a true ally against intense dryness, is a rich and melting cream which wraps the skin in a comfort bubble the whole day.
The skin regains suppleness and elasticity.
It is immediately and lastingly hydrated and nourished.

Shea butter
This butter is used for millennia for its virtues. The shea fruits are green and contain a kernel, the butter is extracted from it. It is well-known for its regenerating and healing properties and it strengthens the skin barrier.
Illipé butter
This one is extracted from a nut, which comes from a tree of south Asia and Boreno. Dried in the sun, the seeds are separated from its shell to obtain finally the butter. It contains vitamin E and fatty acids vital to the skin. This butter allows also to moisturize and restore the skin elasticity.
Kokum butter
The Kokum butter comes from a fruit of an Indian tree, the Garcinia Indica. It has nourishing and protecting properties to regenerate and give tonus to dry skin.

Apply daily to entire body, paying particular care to very dry areas.

100% Skin is intensely nourished and moisturized(1)
100% Skin feels repaired and lastingly moisturized(1)
93% Skin is more smoothed(1)
(1) Results of self-evaluation on 24 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after four weeks of application


Significant nourishing action
Immediate and sustainable hydrating action
Comfort bubble effect