Réponse BODY - Body

This glossy and pearlescent-textured gel transforms into a generous, creamy and soft foam. Its formula perfectly cleanses the skin while respecting the skin balance.

Red alguae 
The complex contains: the red algae Palmaria Palmata and a veinotonic polyphenol. It allows to inhibit the new blood vessel formation and acts on the microcirculation activation to improve the draining function and the skin’s thermoregulation. Vitamin P-like This natural active ingredient, obtained by bio fermentation, is an anti-inflammatory and decongestant polysaccharide. A synergy is created with a vitamin P-like, which leads to a significant amelioration of the skin microcirculation. This association is encouraged for the venous edema resorption, the main characteristic of heavy legs.

Pour into the bathtub or use in the shower, applying directly to the skin over the entire body.

82% The creamy foam envelops skin in delicious softness(1)
95% The product cleanses skin without drying it (1)
91% Skin is supple and comfortable(1)
(1) Results of self-evaluation on 22 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after 4 weeks of application


Soft cleansing action