Réponse Homme - Cares

Long-lasting moisturizing care, shine control This moisturizer care for men keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. It differs in its balance between moisturizing, restructuring and mattifying active ingredients. Thank to its light and non-greasy texture, it is quickly absorbed. The skin is clean, moisturized and not shiny. Intented for all men wishing to moisturize their skin.

AquaMat complex + Centella Asiatica

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck.

+ 25% Hydration from the first application(1)
100% Skin immediately quenched(2)
90% Absorbed shine(2)
(1) Results of corneometric measurements carried out on 10 men 8h after a single application.
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 20 men expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day for 21 days.


Moisturizing action
Restructuring action
Mattifying action
Sebo-regulating action