Réponse BODY - Oils

This face, body and hair oil, with its dry and non greasy finish, is enriched with 8 sublime oils. 
This oil association lastingly nourishes and softens the skin, whereas the sublimated pearls contained in the formula let the skin and hair with an incomparable glossy finish. 
This care is ideal for sublimating the tan or before a party. Moreover, its galenic suits perfectly to all skin types and can be used just as well on face, body or hair.

Eight vegetable oils 
Hemp: softens the diffuse and local redness 
Grenade: anti-inflammatory, calms and soothes 
Marula: regenerates the tired skin and nourishes the dry skin Apricot kernel: anti-ageing action 
Macadamia: restructures, soothes, protects and nourishes Sandalnut: anti-ageing and soothing 
Cranberry: rich in antioxidant, appreciated for its anti-ageing action Inca Inchi: rich in omega-3, it protects, soothes and restructures the skin limated pearls 
The pearls sublimate skin and hair by illuminating them.

Apply after the shower using light strokes on a dry skin and/or on hair tips.

95% Skin in more luminous(1)
90% Skin is smoother(1)
75% Hair are supple(1) (1)
Results of self-evaluation on 20 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after one application per day on face and body and two applications per week on hair for 28 days


Nourishing action
Dry and non greasy finish
Sublimating effect