Réponse BODY - Specific Cares

This gel is directly inspired by cryotherapy techniques and is perfect for women on the lookout for an ultra-refreshing product to soothe tired legs. The cryotherapy is a treatment, which consists of applying coldness on a body area. The benefits are many: relaxing of tight muscles, action against muscle aches and fight against circulation problem. Its light, creamy gel texture melts into the skin for an incredible blast of refreshing coolness and instant well-being upon applying. For a long-term « light legs » effect, its formula contains several active ingredients with an anti-water action. The legs are drained, decongested and lastingly free of discomfort. It gives an unique feeling of wellness. Dermatologically tested. This product is not suitable for use by women who are pregnant.

Red alga + Vitamin P-like

This gel is designed to be massaged in using circular motions, working from the feet up for maximum draining effects. Legs are left relaxed, refreshed and as light as air following each and every use. Apply as often as necessary.

From the first application*: 
- 86% Legs feel lighter 
- 91% Instant soothing sensation 
- 100% A pleasant refreshing effect 
- 100% A sense of well-being 
- 91% The product has both immediate and long-term effects *Results expressed in % of satisfaction, as experienced by 22 women after a single application.


Relaxing toning action
Sustainable « light legs » effect