Premium Activ'Kaviar

Premium Activ'Kaviar, a treatment that combines glamor, luxury and performance.

A precious ally for your skin as well as your mind, it combines 2 professional exclusivities based on caviar extract. A great way to access performance and dream.

Skin completely revitalized by a perfect contribution in hydration and nutrition. The skin becomes rejuvenated.

After 50 minutes of elitist pampering, your natural beauty is sublimated.

A distinctive methode and technical unique massages make this Premium protocol a delicious and sophisticated moment you can enjoy.


GLOW is restored thanks to the decrease of skins dryness.
RICH in essential fatty acids that hydrate and nourish the epidermis.
SUBLIMATES the natural beauty and blurs the sign of aging.
PRESTIGIOUS, and exceptional treatment, exclusively made of caviar extract. All ages and all skin types.