Réponse Homme - Eyes

Some characteristics distinguish men’s skin from women’s. Their skin is thicker, with wrinkles that appear more slowly but are also deeper, and signs of fatigue mark quickly. Their skin needs special care. This anti-fatigue treatment has been adapted to the sensitive skin around the eye contour and helps to reduce fatigue and smooth the eyes area. At the heart of this formula, a complex of several active ingredients, which act in synergy for visible results. Even after a short night’s sleep, the signs of fatigue are erased ! Its creamy gel texture offers a pleasant feeling of freshness. Intended for men who have several signs of fatigue: dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles. Testé sous contrôle ophtalmologique.

Hyaluronic acid + Caffein

Apply onto the eye contour in the morning and/or evening. The special metal applicator ensures precise application.

-50% Anti-dark circle effect(1)
-35% Anti-puffiness effect(1)
+46% Moisturizing effect(1)
95% Decongestant effect of the applicator(2)
90% Crow's-feet wrinkles and lines reduced(2)
86% Look is rested(2)
(1) Clinical score in 10 points on 12 men after two applications per day for 28 days.
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 21 men expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day for 28 days.


Anti-dark circle action
Anti-bags action
Smoothing action
Moisturizing action
Fresh effect of the metal applicator