Mother's Day beauty Set

Shortly available

For Mother’s day 2024 MATIS PARIS rekindles your loveliest memories with an ultra soft beauty set that will tantalize your senses.

The case contains:

Cell-Skin – 50ml

Recomfort-Eyes – 20ml GIFTED


Product details


Its lightweight yet soothing texture allows its active ingredients to quickly deliver their full benefits to the skin. The formula is based on rose stem cells combined with Edelweiss flower extract, which is known for its resistance to extreme weather conditions: a winning duo full of anti-oxidant properties and without free radicals. Two other powerful active ingredients complement the formula, helping to reduce and smooth out wrinkles, as well as reinforcing the skin's elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis. The complexion is given an instant oxygen boost, the skin is firmed and wrinkles are smoothed. Every day, the skin is more beautiful.

Application advice : Apply morning and night to a cleansed face and neck, ideally after Cell-Expert serum.

Period after opening : 12 months.


The mask can be applied in a fine layer to nourish skin. A thick layer overnight achieves a replenishing effect. It nourishes and hydrates the eye contours intensely. It also works well on the lips, leaving the skin supple and comfortable.This product is distinctive thanks to its sensory touch and its ability to be applied to the eyes and lips, immediately enveloping them in a deep, gentle cocoon.

Application advice : Apply once or twice a week in a thin layer for a nourishing effect on the eye contour. Leave on for 15 minutes. Applied in a thick layer at night, it acts as a restorative bath. Tips : rinse off using the Infusion-Eyes lotion.

Period after opening : 6 months.

Made in France

What it is


MatiStem CC complex : The role of stem cells is to make the cells of our epidermis. The Matis complex, Composed of an extract of stem cells from white roses, will protect their environment to limit all attacks that would prevent them from working properly. Anti-oxidant, matiStem CC slows down the creation of free radicals, anti-aging and oxygenating, it stimulates respiration and the skin's metabolism, against a dull complexion.

Edelweiss flower : Once used for its medicinal properties, it is today recognized for its incredible antioxidant properties (significantly superior to vitamin E or retinol) allowing it to live in extreme conditions. Faced with these attacks, this flower has developed a very efficient internal protection system. These qualities would be founded in the Cell-Skin formula.

Amino peptide complex : A synergy of properties to stimulate collagen synthesis and potentiate the restructuring of the dermal matrix (firming and anti-wrinkle action).


Cornflower floral water Thanks to its decongestant and soothing properties, it is used to reduce dark circles and puffiness. It helps to erase signs of fatigue and gives the eyes a more serene, rested appearance. Soothing, it relieves and attenuates the small irritations.

Aloe vera Aloe vera is a succulent plant native to hot, dry regions. Its long stems contain a gel renowned for its moisturizing, soothing and softening properties. This active ingredient is ideal for maintaining healthy skin.



* Only in Metropolitan France.