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SET SWEET BODY + CARESS-SCRUB. Real value : 39,60 euros

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Matis offers you an additional 15% discount on the set DUO SWEET BODY + free CARESS-SCRUB. Limited stock.

This Sweet Body duo contains:

HYDRA-MOTION - 200ml tube

The moisturizing and non-greasy care that sublimates dry and dehydrated skin. Its texture texture envelops the body in extreme comfort. Thanks to expert and effective active ingredients and effective active ingredients, the skin is durably moisturized and effectively protected.

CARESS-SCRUB - 100ml discovery tube

A scrub with a fine, melting texture, in a sugared pink color that gently exfoliates all skin types, even the most sensitive. This treatment restores the natural beauty of the skin for a deep well-being.

Product details

HYDRA-MOTION : Its light and unctuous texture envelops the body in extreme comfort. The high-performance active ingredient Hydrobooster provides immediate and long-term moisturizing action and strengthens the skin barrier. The butter of illipé has nourishing and protective properties. The skin is durably moisturized and effectively protected from dehydration.

Application advice : Apply daily to the whole body by light massages.

CARESS-SCRUB : With its mineral composition, this gentle body scrub is an eco-friendly exfoliant. The combination of cosmetic actives exfoliates the skin thanks to the very fine, non-aggressive grain size, leaving skin with a silky-soft finish.

Application advice : Its melt-in texture, surgared-pink color is applied generously to the skin. This sumptuous scrub is rinsed off with water. Dermatologically tested.

Made in France

What it is



This high-performance active ingredient is a sugar complex composed of glucose and another sugar of plant origin called Xylitol. It brings an immediate and long-term hydrating action, and reinforces the cutaneous barrier. The superficial layers of the skin are rehydrated and plumped up, the cutaneous relief and the desquamation are improved. This active ingredient also helps to maintain optimal hydration of the horny layer.

Illipé butter:

This butter is extracted from a nut that comes from a tree in South Asia and Borneo. Dried in the sun, the seeds are then separated from their shells to finally obtain the butter. It provides vitamin E and essential fatty acids to the skin. This butter also helps to moisturize and restore the elasticity of the skin.


Perlite (volcanic rock)

Perlite powder is a natural mineral derived from volcanic rock. It is therefore an eco-responsible exfoliant. It gently exfoliates the skin thanks to its very fine granulometry.

Emollient complex

Highly dosed for a scrubbing product, they allow to associate to the scrubbing powders, a comfort action and thus minimizes the abrasive effect of the grain scrub while keeping its resurfacing qualities.



* Only in Metropolitan France.