Hyalu-Liss Beige Foncé

Réponse Cosmake-Up - Foundations

Fondation with skincare benefits More than a foundation cream, QuickLift is a real beauty serum with smoothing and plumping effect. Intended for the women wishing to amplify the anti-ageing action of their care, its make-up formula gathers two of the most effective active ingredients to fight against the signs of ageing. Like a « tensor » veil, it completes and glorifies the complexion for an immediate ultra-natural result. The skin is luminous, sublimated, youthfully radiant. Dark Beige Dermatologically tested.

Filling of hyaluronix acid spheres + Restoring active ingredient  

Take 2 pressures in the hollow of your hand in the morning. Smooth over the whole face and neck from the center outwards, with a make-up brush or fingertips.

+ 31.4% Smoothed skin(1) 
+ 19.1% Skin’s elasticity(1) 
+ 18.3% Replumped skin(1) 
+ 23.4% Radiance of the complexion (1) 
+ 53.2% Hydration after 1 heure(2) 
+ 45.9% Hydration after 2 heures (2) 
+ 63.1% Hydration after 3 heures (2) 
(1) Clinical results on 22 women. 
(2) Unique application of Hyalu-Liss on 11 women. Measures by corneometric values.


Smoothing action
Anti-wrinkle action
Unifying action
Clear complexion action