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BB cream SPF 15, showcase your natural beauty Hyalu-BB is hybrid between the care and the make-up. It reveals the beauty of all skins. It unifies the complexion and corrects imperfections while providing perfect hydration for soft, luminous and velvety skin, like « baby’s skin ». With an SPF15 included, it protects against the fatal effects of the UVA and UVB rays and protects from the effects of the premature ageaing. For a more sophisticated make-up complexion, the BB Cream will serve as a perfect base to then apply the fondation. Dermatologically tested.

Cassia Angustifolia + Solar filter protection FPS 15

Take one hazelnut in the hollow of your hand in the morning. Gently smooth the entire face and neck from the center outwards. Apply as daily moisturizer for normal to combination skins or after a day cream for dry skins.

- 25.3% Number of fine wrinkles(1)
Long lasting moisturizing power :
+ 45.8% Hydration after 1h(2)
+ 34.8% Hydration after 2h(2)
+ 20.9% Hydration after 3h(2)
(1)By taking of imprints. Application once a day the morning during 28 days of the BB Cream, by 22 women.
(2) Unique application of the BB Cream, on 10 women. Measures by corneometric values.


Long-lasting moisturizing action
Anti-wrinkle and fine line action
Illuminating action
Unifying action
Anti-UV action