Réponse Éclat - Serums

Radiance care, anti-fatigue, detoxifying Ideal during times of stress or fatigue, this new radiance revealing serum is a concentrate with antioxidant properties. Perfect to find a beautiful radiant complexion! It unifies the complexion, revives its radiance while hydrating the skin. Thanks to its high performance active ingredients, this treatment has 4 complementary actions: hydrates, unifies, ravives the complexion’s radiance and reduces irregularities. The skin is fresh and hydrated. The complexion is unified, brighter, its natural radiance is sublimated. Irregularities of the complexion responsible for a dull complexion are reduced. Its silky texture forms a light layer over the skin. Intended for women of all ages with dull and tired skin. Dermatologically tested.

Optimized vitamin C 8% + Hyaluronic acid 

Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté before the Glow-Detox cream of the Réponse Éclat.

+ 18% Skin radiance (1)
+ 13% Uniformity of the complexion (1)
+ 12% Moisturized skin (1)

90% The complexion is more radiant (2)
80% Revives the natural radiance of the skin (2)
80% The skin texture is improved (2)
85% The skin is moisturized (2)
80% The skin is fresh (2)

(1) Clinical score in 10 points on 20 women after two applications per day for 28 days.
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 20 women expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day for 28 days.


Reveals the radiance of the complexion
Unifies the complexion