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The 2000s to today - Les Réponses
Thursday, August 18, 2022 3:15 PM

Matis burst into the 21st century with Time Reverse, the very first ‘Botox-like’ treatment product with incredible results.

The 2000s to today - Les Réponses

The brand restructured its ranges into ‘Réponses’ (meaning ‘Solutions’ in French), a straightforward, clean format that boosted readability, providing “the beauty solutions your skin needs” for every woman, of every age, skin type, and skin condition. Following hot on the heels of Time Reverse’s runaway success, Réponse Corrective emerged as an alternative to cosmetic procedures. In 2006, this contemporary range began using renowned, proven cosmetic active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid in products that replicated cosmetic enhancements such as Botox and hyaluronic acid injections and microdermabrasion.

A series of extraordinary, innovative products at the cutting edge of cosmetology followed suit, scooping up prizes and awards along the way: AvantAge Jeunesse in 2008, a product based on activating synthesis of cellular longevity proteins sirtuins, the Densifiance line, featuring the skin-structuring. DensiDerm complex designed to boost action aimed at retaining skin elasticity and firmness, the Cell Expert signature serum, a beauty elixir based on white rose stem cells, the prebiotics-based Délicate cream that tends to the microbiome in ultra-sensitive skin types, and more.

Today, the Matis brand remains true to itself and its French-made values, pouring its tried and tested expertise into elegantly crafted products that combine effectiveness and sensory appeal, with the focus on listening to what its customers truly need, interacting with beauty consultants to consistently improve, and forever bringing women more products, with better results, each a little different every time. These qualities explain why Matis is still standing prouder than ever 85 years later, a French-made brand women love to recommend and share. An authentic brand with soul.