Cell-Expert Serum

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Protects the skin's capital of stem cells that are responsible for its selfregeneration. The fine, light texture quickly delivers all the benefits of the active ingredients. Immediately, the complexion is revived and wrinkles are diminished. Every day, the skin is more beautiful.

MatiStem CC Complex: This anti-oxidant active slows down the creation of free radicals; anti-aging and oxygenating, it stimulates respiration and the skin's metabolism, against a dull complexion.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Glycosaminoglycan naturally present in the skinwhich provides a filling and deep hydration role.

To be used every day before its daily care or as a cure in inter-season when the skin is the most tired

After only 30 min*
83% Brighter complexion

After 28 days*
96% Smoothed skin 88% Smoothed skin

*Results expressed in % of satisfaction, as experienced by 24 women.