Restructuring & Firming Cream

Réponse Intensive - Specific Cares

The essential targeted care for mature skin.

This delicate and smooth cream is especially made for the neck and cleavage zone. An exclusive combination of active anti-ageing ingredients help to re-launch the natural functions of the skin, improves its micro-relief while ensuring a smoothing and firming effect.

LIPOPEPTIDE R : this amino acid complex allows counterbalancing some signs of ageing such as a loss of firmness. It strengthens the skin structure and improves the appearance of the skin by delaying the effects of ageing. 

TENSOLIFT : this generation oftensor biopolymer forms a 3D network capable of being retained on the surface of the skin and spread into a continuous and elastic film, which tightens and smoothes the skin by providing it a cosmetic lifting effect. 

WILD YAM EXTRACT (OR WILD YAM) : this vegetable active ingredient helps to delay the natural ageing of the skin by providing flexibility and elasticity. It also limits skin dryness.

Apply daily by a gentle massaging starting from the neckline to the top of the neck.

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