Relaxing Eye Toner

Réponse Yeux - Eyes

Relaxing Eye Toner's harmonious formula is gentle on the eye contour area and has an instantly refreshing and relaxing action. 

VEGETABLE WATER OF MATCHA TEA : Benefits for the skin and complexion.
CORNFLOWER FLORAL WATER : Relaxes, refreshes and calms.
WITCH HAZEL FLORAL WATER : Soothing, alleviates skin irritation.


Applied as a compress or as a complement to eye make-up removers.

Fresh and clear, skin is ready to receive daily skincare.


Applied as a compress, Relaxing Eye Toner relieves feelings of tiredness and helps eyes to feel rested and relaxed ; as a complement to eye make-up removers, it completes cleansing and leaves an extremely pleasant feeling of softness. No rinsing required.