Night Care Mask

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A night bath of intense relaxation for sensitive and stressed skin.

A light texture to leave on your skin overnight for a fresh and stress-free complexion in the morning.

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« WELL-BEING » COMPLEX : is obtained from cocoa bean shells that will stimulate the synthesis of ß-endorphins – the neurotransmitters also called "fun" molecules providing a feeling of well-being.

WILD VEGETABLE MANGO BUTTER : a botanical butter extract from the fruit of Irvingia gabonensis, an exotic tree that has nutritional properties. Its fine assets: filmogenic effect and moisturizing action help protect and repair damaged skin.

CALMSPHERES : obtained thanks to a vectorisation system which allows a gradual release of a glycyrrhetinic acid on the surface of the skin. This active ingredient will provide an appropriate solution for the skin with sensitivity problems for the skin.

"Hydra-Gentle" polysaccharide bringing an immediate hydration and assuring lasting properties thanks to a filmogenic effect reinforced by a "water sensor“.

Apply a thin layer to the skin. The Night Care Mask penetrates quickly, it does not stain the nightwear. Use once to twice a week on when needed. Complete the removal with the Lime Blossom Lotion.

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