Reponse Regard - Cares

This new anti-aging treatment with its fine and enveloping texture, is based on repairing the extracellular matrix. It helps fight against the effect of time and reduce all the signs of aging: wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Ideal for women affected by various signs of aging. A combination of active ingredients: perfect to inject new youth into the eye contour! More than just a classic anti-aging product that only targets wrinkles, this new treatment acts using three combined actions at once: an anti-aging action on wrinkles, an action on puffiness and an action on dark circles.

AlguoLift + Silk tree extract

Apply in the morning and/or evening on the eye contour by gently patting. 

-26% Dark circles color(1)
-30% Puffiness(1)
82% Eyes contour smoothed(2)
89% Improvement of wrinkles and/or fine lines appearance(3)
(1) Clinical score in 10 point on 22 volunteers after twice a day application for 28 days.
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 22 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after twice a day application for 28 days.
(3) % of respondents to instrumental measurements on 19 volunteers after twice a day application for 28 days.


Repairing treatment, bags, dark circles, wrinkles Overall anti-aging action, Action on puffiness and dark circles Place the pot in the fridge to help to reduce the puffiness.