BB Cream SPF 15

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The multi-purpose skin care.

This BB Cream is a unifying foundation care. Multifunction, it brings 6 beauty benefits in one step: hydrates, unifies, fixes, enlightens, helps fight against the signs of ageing, protects against UVA and UVB rays thanks to the presence of a 15 SPF.

With a UV protection

BOTANICAL ALTERNATIVE OF HYALURONIC ACID : this Cassia Angustifolia extract from an Indian plant contains polysaccharides which have the same properties as hyaluronic acid acting on the skin in two ways:

  • - they form a protecting film that fills in small wrinkles and smoothes fine lines,
  • - their water retention properties provide an intense hydration to the skin

SUNSCREENS (15 SPF) : these filters are chemical and physical complexes which protect the skin against UV rays.

Apply BB Cream every morning instead or -in addition to usual care to a perfectly cleansed skin. It leaves the skin perfect !

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