matispa - RELAX axis

Searched effect - soothing & relaxing.


Relax axis can be declined either in a single scrub protocol with a choice of the degree of abrasion or in a Relax massage single protocol with a choice of galenic and specific maneuvers or in a full Relax Experience.


This complete and global experience begins with an exfoliation (15 minutes)

According to the skin type,  consumer can choose between  a three-degree exfoliation of different intensity. 1 (soft), 2 (medium) or 3 (strong).

This will remove skin dead cells, making the skin softer, smoother and more uniform. 

It is followed  by a body wrap (15 minutes) and finally a massage (40 minutes). 

Slow and gentle maneuvers like effleurage will act directly and smoothly to release tensions. The ends of the body will be worked by pressure points inspired from reflexology to provide an effect of a total well-being and a deep relaxation.

An addictive sensory experience.