matispa - SLIM axis

Searched effect - a slimmer figure.


Slim axis can be declined either in a single scrub protocol with a choice of the degree of abrasion or in a Slim massage single protocol with a choice of galenic and specific maneuvers or in a full Slim Experience.


This complete and global experience begins with an exfoliation (15 minutes)

According to the skin type,  consumer can choose between  a three-degree exfoliation of different intensity. 1 (soft), 2 (medium) or 3 (strong).

This will remove skin dead cells, making the skin softer, smoother and more uniform. 

It is followed  by a body wrap (15 minutes) and finally a massage (40 minutes).

Reshaping and refining maneuvers dedicated to slimming, will act on the skin tissue, incrusted cellulite and help to reshape the silhouette.

An addictive sensory Experience.